D. Hernandez-Juarez*†, L. Schneider*, A. Espinosa, D. Vázquez, A. M. López, U. Franke, M. Pollefeys and J. C. Moure

BMVC2017 – British Machine Vision Conference 2017
* Both authors contributed equally
† Work performed during an internship at Daimler AG

Awarded as best industrial paper

GPU-accelerated real-time stixel computation
D. Hernandez-Juarez, A. Espinosa, J. C. Moure, D. Vázquez and A. M. López

WACV2017 – Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision 2017

Embedded real-time stereo estimation via Semi-Global Matching on the GPU (oral)
D. Hernandez-Juarez, A. Chacón, A. Espinosa, D. Vázquez, J. C. Moure, and A. M. López

ICCS2016 – International Conference on Computational Science 2016